mary oliver

I’ve loved this question from the moment I first heard it.  And I’ve been asking it ever since.

It’s the closing line of Mary Oliver’s poem, “The Summer Day” and, even now, it sends jolts of excitement and possibility coursing through me.  And so I keep asking it, over and over (like I’ve got a quota to reach!) of just about everyone I meet:

I ask it of clients who want to feel at ease in their own minds and bodies, but struggle with self-criticism, comparison, and mountains of worry and pain.

I ask it of students who love to learn but aren’t sure how to go about translating this knowledge to a career in “the real world”.

I ask it of friends who are stuck in a difficult season of life, unsure of how to proceed, and too terrified to move.

The reason I love this question so much is that I’ve become convinced it possesses a sort of magical property.  In an instant, it somehow shakes loose all the constraints and assumptions about how things must be, and invites you to pause and consider how they might be.    

What might your life be like if you weren’t totally consumed by stressing over your body?

What might your life be like if you had more time and energy for the people and things that truly lit you up?

What might your life be like tomorrow if you took one small-but-bold step today?

“…your one wild and precious life…”

The question creates a sense of urgency. It stirs up emotion. It sparks action.

It’s so good I’ve even asked it of strangers on planes (and, truth be told, I’m usually the type to bury my nose in a book or pretend to sleep).

Recently, I asked it of myself.  

I was at a crossroads in my career.  I’d reviewed my options and they all seemed reasonable enough, but I still felt stuck.

So I asked myself the question. I paused to consider what it might be like to start something new. Something straight from the heart that could reach more people than I’ve ever been able to serve before.

A business and a passion-project, all wrapped into one.

And so Wild & Precious was born.





I’m Michaela Bucchianeri and it’s my passion to help women love and care for their bodies well, through simple daily practices that anyone can learn.

After spending over a decade studying, researching, and teaching body image principles, I started Wild & Precious 1) to help women make the most of their lives by making real and lasting peace with their bodies, and 2) to empower parents to help their children form lifelong habits to do the same.

I provide comprehensive, practical, actionable guidance, so you and your families can learn to love and care for your body, radiate confidence, free up time and energy for the people and things you’re most passionate about, and actually have fun along the way.

Ready to get started?





a bit more about me…


I love a good story.  (Epic novel? Murder mystery? Celebrity biography? IN.)

My favorite simple pleasures include “Golden Girls”, “Murder, She Wrote” and any snack or drink marketed to children… leading most people to conclude I’m actually part-toddler, part senior citizen.

I’m a northern California girl at heart. Blessed to grow up in one of the most beautiful places on earth, I swore I’d never live anywhere else…

…I also once swore I’d never marry a boy, or live with boys under any circumstances.
(Our neighborhood was crawling with boys when I was a kid, and one day I guess I’d just reached my limit)…


…fast-forward to present day, and I’m living in Minnesota, having met and fallen for the love of my life, a father of two. Most days, you can find us cooking and listening to music at home, seeking out new adventures in and around the Twin Cities, or taking in some form of hockey.  If we’re not doing one of those things, we’re busy planning our next trip to California, which we visit every chance we get…

…recently, on one of those visits, we were married under a giant oak tree, in the middle of a vineyard, and I ended up getting 3 boys for the price of one.

Things haven’t always gone the way I planned.  What a relief.